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Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, a physical therapist owned and operated facility, opened in August 2005. Since our opening, we have rapidly grown, expanding our staff and patient load in 1 year's time.


At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute you will be given every tool needed to return to an optimal functioning level. You will deal exclusively with therapists who have gone the extra mile to achieve their Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Masters in Occupational Therapy. At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, the therapists also possess a special certification in Manual Therapy and ergonomics that gives us an edge over all other facilities.


At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute we have all brand new, state-of-the-art equipment that was specifically designed for people with physical impairments. Here you will be trained on the proper use of equipment and given specialized exercises to do while being supervised by our trained professionals to make sure proper form is used. Others may say they offer the same services, but they don't. At Advanced Manual Therapy, we go above and beyond to get out patients back to functional levels.


As you can see, our clean and spacious facility is an ideal environment for your rehabilitation. As stated in our mission statement, the positive atmosphere that we provide you, along with your positive attitude will result in rapid positive results. Don't just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page and read the positive results for yourself!



Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of Advanced Manual Therapy Institute to provide care utilizing a manual approach, conducted in a positive atmosphere, provided by medical professionals that are dedicated to individualized personal treatment, which insures optimal outcomes by incorporating professional teamwork and communication in order to obtain the maximal functional potential for each patient.

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